Dinner Menu

Please advise us of your choice of dishes before 11.00 am on the day you wish to have dinner in order that all ingredients can be bought fresh that day from the local market

Starters MAD
Mezze selection of traditional Moroccan salads 80
Harira (Berber soup made with tomatoes, lentils, chickpeas, lamb, herbs & spices) 60
Prawn "briouate" (Moroccan pastry parcels filled with prawns) 90
Lamb "briouate" (Moroccan pastry parcels filled with minced lamb) 80
Vegetarian "briouate" (Moroccan pastry parcels with vegetables & cheese) 60
Tabouleh (finely chopped tomatoes, onion, couscous, parsley & mint) 60

Main Course


Chicken "Berber" tagine with four vegetables, olives & raisins 180
Chicken tagine with preserved lemons and olives 170
Lamb "Berber" tagine with four vegetables, olives & raisins 210
Lamb tagine with almonds and prunes 200
Kefta Mkawra Tagine ( lamb meatballs served in a zesty homemade tomato sauce crowned with poached eggs) 150
Fish tagine with seasonal vegetables and a mix of traditional local spices 200
Vegetarian tagine with selection of seasonal vegetables 140
Cous cous with seasonal vegetables and traditional accompaniment of caramelised onions with cinnamon and raisins:  
- beef 210
- lamb 210
- chicken 180
- vegetarian 150


Traditional whole large baked white fish with preserved lemons (min. 2 persons - price is per person) 120
"Tangia" (Marrakshi spicy lamb slow-cooked over a wood fire in an earthenware pot) 180
Seafood "pastilla" (a traditional dish of fish and seafood with preserved lemons and coriander wrapped in warqa, a local variation of filo pastry) 200
Chicken "pastilla" (a traditional sweet & savoury dish of chicken with sweetened almonds wrapped in warqa pastry and garnished with cinnamon and icing sugar) 200
Spicy sardines 160
Peppers stuffed with minced lamb, tomatoes and a mix of traditional local spices 140

"Rfissa" chicken with lentils (a traditional Moroccan dish of spiced chicken served with lentils and fenugreek on a bed of shredded "msmen" or buttery pancake-like bread)


Pigeon pie - sweet and savoury flaky pastry filled with a subtle traditional mixture of pigeon and almonds spiced with cinnamon (also available in a savoury version)


Ouzi – a traditional mix of lamb, almonds and rice with seasonal vegetables spiced with allspice, cinnamon, cumin, cardamom and nutmeg and then baked in a savoury flaky pastry case.

(served with ice cream upon request - vanilla, date & honey, chocolate, strawberry or pistachio)
M'hencha (also known as "serpent cake" due to its coiled form, a traditional 
dessert of sweetened almonds, citrus fruits and cinnamon wrapped in warqa pastry)
Traditional celebration orange & chocolate cake 70
Moroccan apple and almond tart 60
Date cheesecake 70
Fresh orange slices sprinkled with cinnamon 50
Fruit "pastilla" (seasonal fruit and sweetened almonds wrapped in warqa pastry) 60
Tartlet of three nuts (almond, hazelnut & cashew) and dried fruits, drizzled with honey 70